Holm oak charcoal
SKU: Carbón vegetal Encina directo
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Holm oak charcoal. Charcoal made from domestic woods, 100% holm oak. The most used for family & friends’ barbeques, restaurants or steakhouses. Great quality, durability and aroma.

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The charcoal is produced by the carbonization of Spanish woods such as oak, olive, pine and eucalyptus, from Extremadura area. Wood and other natural compounds are baked in a traditional oven at temperatures between 400 - 700 degrees, with absence of air, and eliminating most of its water and reaching a high calorific power. Charcoal is a vegetal biomass, clean and environmental friendly. It is most often used for domestic use in private barbecues, restaurants and steakhouses for its quality, durability and aroma.

Available in 3kg bag, especially for small consumption, ideal for grilling at home as it produces little smoke.

Available in 10kg bag, 15kg bag, 20kg bag, on a ½ pallet with 25 x 10kg bags and on a pallet with 50 x 10kg bags.