Firewood distribution and sale

"Leñas y Carbones Ponç distributes residual biomass for domestic and industrial use".

Residual biomass

Residual biomass is the by-product or residual product generated in agricultural activities such as pruning and clearing (e.g. vine shoots, wood), and in forestry and farming activities, as well as wastes from the food industry (almond shells, olive pips) and in the wood transformation industry (sawdust).

Biomass can be used in all areas; it is found in small installations for domestic use (e.g. fireplaces and wood ovens), medium-size (heating for farms) and large size (thermal power stations for obtaining electricity or supplying heating for a district or city).

Leñas y Carbones Ponç offers firewood home deliveries in bulk, on pallets, in cages, in big bags and in packets, ready to serve to restaurants, pizzas and home users. It also offers a firewood placement service and a collection service from our warehouse, so that you can choose what you want.

The company offers packaged firewood suitable for sale in garden centres, supermarkets, petrol stations and shopping centres.

Firewood is mainly divided into soft firewood and hard firewood depending on its calorific power, which is its capacity to release power calories and heat, and which means it present very different characteristics. Leñas y Carbones Ponç supplies:

Hard firewood:

Long-duration and high-calorific-power firewood obtain consistent and lasting coals. Featured products:

  • Oak firewood: One of the longest-lasting types of firewood and has the highest weight, a long consistency and burning duration. It makes very good coals for cooking, making it ideal for barbecues and restaurants. Oak is a slow-growing Mediterranean tree and its wood contains little moisture. Although it takes longer to light, it makes a lot of coals and is ideal for having a fire lit for a long time.
  • Beech firewood: It is not quite as hard as oak, although it is a firewood that lights well, burns well, makes a lot of smoke and coals. It makes less smoke and is ideal for closed fireplaces, iron and refractory stone fireplaces and is the most used for bread ovens, pizzerias and for making “calçots” (barbecued onion shoots). Beech is a continental climate tree; it grows in damp and cold places and is a fast-growing tree. It is a cleaner firewood than oak.
  • Olive firewood: Although it is considered a hardwood, it is the softest one of these and is ideal for making a quick fire with high calorific power and short duration. Green firewood makes a lot of flame, which makes it a good firewood for heating. The tree grows in warm and dry places, grows quickly and its wood weighs little and is not very dense. It lights quickly and it is convenient to mix it with other types of firewood so that it lasts longer. It has a distinctive aroma.

Soft firewood:

Soft or low quality firewood does not last long, has less calorific power and does not leave consistent coals. It comes from fast-growing trees or fruit trees and is easy to light.

Buy firewood

Carbons Ponç offers the best firewood.

Its firewood is hard and dry, which obtains a higher calorific power, and is therefore more economical. The firewood is sold by the cubic metre therefore the weight varies depending on moisture and a cubic metre is always a cubic metre is seen by the customer, whether the wood is dry or damp. This guarantees the best quality products.

For deliveries over two tonnes, please call customer service for special prices.

Completely organic firewood briquettes can also be purchased in boxes or packets, ideal for fireplaces and closed heaters as they have a high calorific power and are easy to store.

Format: They come in 7 or 9 kg bags or on pallets of 168 units.

 Leñas y carbones Ponç 

Online sales and large format charcoal, firewood and pellets for private individuals and for companies.

 The quality of the company’s product and its dedication to service has made it a leader in the sector and a market leader in the distribution of conventional energy such as biomass and renewable energy.