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Wood pallets are a solid bio-fuel made by compacting by-products from the wood industry, mainly sawdust. They are ideal fuel for boilers and biomass heaters; the small cylinders are a few millimetres in diameter, made from dry natural sawdust, compacted at high pressure, with a dense and hard composition that gives it a higher calorific power. They are 100% natural, do not pollute and are non-toxic. They can be used for heating and hot water for any home, hotel, swimming pool, industry, etc. in special heaters and boilers for pellets. It is a very economical fuel, does not require chopping down trees (sawdust comes from waste disposal from sawmills and carpentry businesses), occupies little space, does not produce foul odour or smoke and since it is a renewable energy, heaters and boilers are subsidised by the state.


  • In 15 kg bags of pallets or on pallets of 70 bags/pallet.
  • In 30 kg bags (individually or on pallets of 40, 30 or 15 units).

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Firewood briquettes

Completely organic firewood briquettes can also be purchased in boxes or packets, ideal for fireplaces and closed heaters as they have a high calorific power and are easy to store.

Format: They come in 9 or 20 kg bags or on pallets of 54 boxes of 9 and 20 kg.

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Charcoal briquettes

Charcoal briquettes are a product made from charcoal cinders, which are pressed into small egg shapes and used for barbecues as they are a lower price than coal, distribute heat evenly, are perfect for slow cooking, do not have sparks, are less dirty and easier to light. They are a 100% organic and renewable product. They are easy to transport and clean for handling, their combustion is gentle and constant without producing a lot of smoke. Higher calorific power than firewood, easy to light, occupies little space, clean and organic.

Neither the calorific power nor the durability of charcoal is comparable with charcoal briquettes. Charcoal briquettes are just one very reasonable way of recycling the cinders obtained when charcoal is manufactured, although its performance compared with coal is lower.

Format: In 10 kg bags, a half pallet of 25 bags a whole pallet of 50 bags.

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