Import charcoal

Unlike Spanish charcoal, import charcoals come from harder wood and, therefore, it produces charcoal that is much harder and has a higher quality.

This includes charcoal made from Cuban marabou, guayacan and white quebracho wood. Import charcoals come mainly from South America, and the most valued and well known are those from Paraguay, Argentina, Colombia and Cuba.

White Quebracho charcoal

The charcoal from Argentine white quebracho wood is known for the extraordinary hardness and weight of its fine grain and is considered to be one of the world's best fossil fuels since its calorific value is considerably higher than that of other types of charcoal and is able to maintain a constant permanent temperature because it has a more compact consistency.

This charcoal can stay lit for twice as long as other charcoals and, although its price is slightly higher, significant savings can be made because of its quality-duration ratio.

Cuban Marabu Charcoal

Cuban marabou charcoal is probably the most coveted among the hospitality sector because of its size, hardness and weight.

It comes from a fast-growing invasive plant, which grows mainly in Cuba and has enabled the country to be one of the main exporters of this wonder plant.

Known for its cylindrical shape, this charcoal has extraordinary durability and performance.

Other imported charcoals

We also have other import charcoals such as charcoal from Nigeria and Venezuela, the Colombian guayacan, the Tintina quebracho and the direct charcoals especially for closed ovens.

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